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My obsession with collecting and preserving old photos started with an album my Nana left me in 1993.   

It's filled with shiny small photos from her childhood growing up in St. Mary's, Ontario, Canada - 1919 to 1930.  Like most old photo albums, they are filled with hundreds of unidentified people.  Some have come loose and are lost.  The remainder are of people who came before me - played as children, married their sweetheart and raised a family, just like those that came before them.

My blog is a journey and story about this album and my own discovery about the family within its pages.  

It will also be about this web site and the masterful photographers and the early photos they started creating 170 years ago .


Many people say writing a blog can be therapeutic - some blogs are entertaining and some are educational.  


I'm sure it will be all three.
















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