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J Gurney 6th plate daguerreotypes of Dexter Arnold Hawkins (1825-1886) and his wife Sophia Theresa Meeks (1836-1929) at the time of their marriage in 1859.
Dexter was an attorney and founder of the law firm Hawkins, Delafield and Woods - still in business around the world and their New York City offices are in the One World Trade Center building in lower Manhattan. Dexter was an author, educator, lawyer, and political reformer.
Sophia was the daughter of prominent New York City cabinet maker - John Meeks of J. & J.W. Meeks. Their workshop was at 14-16 Vesey street - one block away from Jeremiah Gurney's first studio at 189 Broadway. John Meeks and another prominent cabinet maker John Belter made similar style laminated rosewood chairs and sofas - adorned with incredible relief carvings. J Meeks and J Belter furniture are included in major museum collections, and are included at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
In celebration of his daughter's marriage to Dexter, Meeks named a line of furniture the "Hawkins pattern", with distinctive clusters of hand carved grapes and vines.
Many of the identified sitters in my Gurney collection were from prominent families or were successful business owners. When possible, I collect books they wrote, items they made or are associated with their career.
Last weekend I purchased this single J. Meeks rosewood Rococo style parlor chair in the "Hawkins" pattern. Not a furniture style that Is popular today, but it sure looks sweet in my Gallery.
Formerly In The Collection of Carl L Peterson.

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