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DESCRIPTION: Victorian Period Accessories. This is a RARE example of an original uncut chromolithograph before being trimmed for canvas or dense cardboard. Some call this a proof sheet that includes print registration marks (X's) and color bar that shows the amount of stones used to produce the chromolithograph. I have only seen a few examples like this. Many are in museums. You can see the color scale on the bottom left (pic #3). This is an 11 color chromolithograph. The first scale color is red and is quite worn. It also has cross "X"s in the top, bottom, and both sides to help make sure all eleven stones lines up properly. There is a hard to read signature up at the top(pic #4). After printing, this would have been trimmed down and attached to canvas or dense cardboard then framed without glass like a painting. This chromolithograph helps show how these were originally made. Not only is being uncut rare but this is a scarce chromolithograph. This chromolithograph is called "At Mischief" after an original painting by Lily Martin Spencer. This old original chromo was made by GW Averell. It was entered into Congress in 1870 by Gurney & Son. It is hard to see in the pictures but the maker and entered into Congress are printed small on the bottom just under the title "At Mischief" (pic #3). It is now framed in an antique gold frame with wavy glass to help protect it. The chromolithograph is on a canvas textured paper to resemble a painting. This chromolithograph dates to 1870. It is about 140 years old. Good condition for age. Colors still strong. One small tear on margin on bottom. Some very light discoloration can be seen in margin. No deep scratches. In antique frame with original wavy glass. Originally would have been framed without glass but now has glass to protect the chromo as this is a rare example of an original uncut sheet before being mounted to canvas or dense cardboard. Some gold loss, wear, and light scratches to gold gilded frame as expected on a piece of this age. Has cardboard backboard instead of wood backboards. These type of pictures were made to look like painting, they didn't have glass on the front, making then susceptible to damage. This one has been well protected over the years. Is NOT brand new, it is 140+ years old and has character. Displays beautifully. This is a very collectible and hard to find Averell chromolithograph in rare uncut sheet. Measures just over 18 1/2" by 14 1/2" (frame included in measurements). Uncut sheet measures about 15 1/4" by 11 1/2". The chromo itself without white margins measures about 13 1/2" by 10 1/4".

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