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Husband and wife Mary E and Joseph M Orvis, traveled between Manhattan and Paris France - with this tattered pair of CDV's being picture proof.
Jeremiah Gurney was a very personable and likable businessman, and it's apparent that the Orvis family would visit him at both notable locations for their portraits. George Penabert worked as an operator in Gurney's New York studio, and Gurney was listed at this Paris studio address, where Penabert opened in France.
The address for the "Paris Branch" was listed in the Crayon, July 25, 1855 (front cover) as 46 rue Basse du Rempart. Another website in Paris lists the same address - along with Passage du Havre 36 & 38 Au Rez-de-Chaussee, Paris France, noted on Mary's CDV.

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