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March 1858 The Photographic and Fine Art Journal   age 45Object numberS/NPG.2007.71 Smithsonian InstituteJeremiah Gurney  31 December 1869 age 57Cabinet Card - courtesy Vedder Research LibraryCabinet Card Courtesy of Vedder Research Library Coxsackie NYBenjamin GurneyBenjamin Gurney-New York Historical SocietyCabinet card of Benjamin GurneyOld Guard Uniform Button, circa 1870Old Guard Uniform Button, circa 1870Jeremiah Gurney Surrogate Court papersJeremiah Gurney Surrogate Court papersJeremiah Gurney Surrogate Court papersEtching from Williams & Stevens PublishersEtching from Williams & Stevens PublishersCDV courtesy Vedder Research LibraryCDV courtesy of Vedder Research Library

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