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June 1865 - Photo originally owned by Chaplain James Tuttle Smith (6 July 1831–18 December 1910) Name with date on photo verso in period ink and tagged on back of mahogany frame)

Ladies Home - U.S. Army General Hospital was the first Civil War Hospital in NYC and managed by Dr. Alexander Brown Mott, surgeon (31 March 1826 - 12 August 1889)

Liberty Hook and Ladder No. 16 - (with horses) -- 136 East 50th street at Lexington. Liberty Hook and Ladder 16 was still a volunteer station when this photo was taken by Jeremiah and Benjamin Gurney (Gurney & Son). NYC fire fighters became full time employees in November of 1865.
Fire truck built by Charles E Hartshorn in 1862, drawn by horses. Liberty 16 name plate is held at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C.
Robert Gamble - New York Coroner and Fire Station Foreman - 1863 through October 1865.
A.J. BRADY, Foreman, corner of Fiftieth-street and Lexington-avenue. (NOV. 3, 1865) replaced Robert Gamble.
Dr. Charles Carroll Lee, assistant surgeonDr. Charles Carroll LeeReverend James Tuttle Smith

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