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Portrait of Samuel Endicott Peabody, Richard Denison Rogers, William Crowninshield Rogers and William Crowninshield Endicott, Boston, Feb. 20th 1845
Full-plate daguerreotype. 1845. Handwritten credit, date and identification of sitters with their ages in black ink on the reverse of the wooden backing. Ornate brass mat and original wood frame. Sealed.

Lot NotesAlbert Litch and John Adams Whipple began their shortlived partnership in 1845 at 96 Washington Street in Boston as Litch and Whipple during which time this plate was made. After they disolved their alliance in 1847, Litch reportedly went on to join other daguerreians in Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts through the 1850s. Whipple continued at the same space through 1859, successfully making various daguerreotypes in partnership with William B. Jones in 1849-50 and with J.W. Black in 1856-59. In 1852 he was awarded a Gold Medal for his work at the Crystal Palace exhibition in New York City.

These young men are all presumably cousins and descendents of Puritan John Endicott, Governor of Colonial Massachusetts in the 1600s. On the left is a young William Crowninshield Endicott, (1826-1900) the most noted member of the group. Born in Salem, Massachusetts, he attended Harvard in the class of 1847 and continued his studies at Harvard Law School graduating in 1850. Originally a member of the Whig Party, he joined the Democrats in 1856 after the party disintegrated and in 1885, he was appointed Secretary of War by President Grover Cleveland. To the right of him sits William Crowninshield Rogers (1823-1888) also born in Massachusetts and attended Harvard. In 1849 while commanding the ship Thomas Perkins, he made the passage from New York City to San Francisco in 126 days. In 1851 he took command of the clipper-ship Witchcraft and made the passage from Rio de Janeiro to San Fancisco in record time of 62 days. In the Civil War he enlisted in the U.S. Navy. He was instrumental in bringing about the consolidation of several small lines to form the Eastern Railroad Co. Although not much is known about Richard Denison Rogers, on the right is Samuel Endicott Peabody born in 1825 in Salem. He was the grandson of famous merchant Joseph Peabody. He attended Harvard for one year but decided to leave to become a supercargo on one of his grandfather's ships. From 1848-1871 he was in business as Curtis & Peabody, merchants, in Boston. From 1871 he was a banker in the London firm Morgan & Co., returning in 1878 to become president of the American Loan & Trust Co. in Boston. He became vice-president of the Peabody Museum of Salem from 1896-1909.
Because of their short partnership, Litch and Whipple daguerreotypes are considered rare.
Another albumen print of this image is in the collection of the Massachusetts Historical Society.

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