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Small stampless cover, with blue "SALINA/N.Y." cds, dated Dec. 10, blue "PAID" handstamp, and blue "3" in dotted circle fancy rate handstamp, addressed to Miss Josephine Vibbard, Care of Chauncey Vibbard, at Schenectady, N.Y.
Includes the original 2pg letter enclosure, approx. 7-5/8" x 9-5/8", dated at Syracuse, N.Y., Dec. 6, 1853, from "Annie", to her friend "Josie".
Josephine Vibbard, (Mary Josephine Vibbard), was born in 1838 at Schenectady. She was the daughter of Chauncey Vibbard, (1811-1891), who moved to Schenectady in 1836; In the early 1850's, he was one of the businessmen who consolidated several small New York railroads into the New York Central Railroad, and served as the New York Central Railroad's General Superintendent, 1853-1865; Served in the U.S Congress, 1861-1863; During the Civil War, was Director & Superintendent of Military Railroads.
A well-written letter from this young lady to her 15 year old friend, with good content, including asking that they exchange Daguerreotype photos.
"I wish that you could have been in my place for the last two weeks, for our house has been in a hubbub all the time since Mother returned from the West. We have had a house full of visitors all the time. I am so tired of them, I do not know what to do. I cannot be alone for a minute, & I would not have been alone now, only the folks have all gone down to see the Pump House.
So you are going to Albany to school. I really hope you will like it there. I am going to stay at home this Winter. I shall take French, Music, painting & dancing lessons this Winter, & shall be 'drefful' good. Perhaps I shall go to New York to school in the Spring...I went to the dancing school Tuesday evening, & there was a hop afterwards, & I never was so tired in all the days of my life.
Say Josie, I want to know if you will do something for me. I am almost crazy for your daguerreotype. Do send me one, & then if you wish, one of mine, I will let you have it. At all events, send me one of yours. I love you dearly & nothing would please me so much as a picture of your dear face, so send me one.
I wonder what is the reason that Mattie Van Vorst does not answer my letter. I should like to have hers. Oh Joe, does Mrs. Van Patten Freeman live in the City, or does she reside with her mamma in the country...."

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