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Dr. (Dentistry) Charles Henry Jencks 17 November 1829 Mendon, Worcester, Massachusetts
Died of consumption 15 November 1862 Mendon, Worcester, Massachusetts
married Susan M Jencks 1859

Original Advertisement From Former Collector:
This is a museum quality half plate dag by Jeremiah Gurney with an embossed leather push button case with gilding. The detail and gray scale is stunning. Gurney was the premier photographer of wealthy New York society. The address on the mat indicates that this dag was taken between June 1852 (when he purchased the Whitehurst gallery) and 1855 (when he entered into a partnership with C. D. Fredericks). The subject, according to the previous owner, was a member of the affluent Jencks family of Rhode Island and was discovered in a home in Providence, R.I.
It was found with the original seals and has never been cleaned. The seals and glass have been replaced by Casey Waters. I kept the original glass which will be included with the dag. The re-silvered (and possibly gold-toned) plate is in exceptional original condition and the image has very subtle tinting in the face. It has a trace of tarnish at the far right and one tiny spot in the upper left as seen in the photos.
The case has its original fully intact leather hinge and is clean and glossy. The maroon pad is also in excellent condition.

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